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Red car underneath a tree branch from storm

Mother Nature outdid herself this year! From Hurricane Florence to the California wildfires (and every storm in-between), Americans boarded up, packed up, and left their lives behind due to extreme weather. The rest of us watched, worried, and wondered about our insurance policies. If last year’s natural disasters have you spooked, you’re far from alone! […]

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| Discounts & Savings Odds & Ends
Putting money in a piggy bank

The 52-Week Challenge. The Two-Liter Challenge. The Weather Wednesday Challenge. No, these aren’t fad diets or social media dares. They’re money-saving challenges that can help you turn saving money into a fun and motivating game—plus, everyone wins! Check out this list of six money-saving challenges, and start saving today! 52-Week Spending Challenge This is one […]

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| Auto Insurance Infographics
Types of car insurance explained, red
States require drivers to carry car insurance. Lenders require it as part of the loan agreement for a car. You may want it to better protect your own vehicle and finances. However, there’s not just one type of car insurance — from liability to comprehensive and collision, there are many different types! Confused about which […] Continue Reading

| Car Care
Car tire that has gone flat in the cold.

Winter can be brrrrrr-utal on your car, especially when it comes to your battery and tires. It’s common for batteries to die and tires to go flat in cold weather, but why? And, more importantly, what can you do to prevent battery and tire problems when the thermometer takes a nosedive? Your car care friends […]

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