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Car technician checking car's air conditioning (A/C)

Is your A/C blowing warm air, stinky air, or no air at all? If so, it might be time for an A/C repair and performance check, a service that many auto repair shops across the country offer for free. A quick check can help you identify the problem, stay ahead of bigger ones, and budget for any repairs that may need to happen. Check out the list below to find free A/C repair checks near you. You deserve to drive cool!

Get a Free Car A/C Check at…

Pep Boys

Pep Boys offers a host of free testing and recycling services. Their free A/C quick check is available at all Pep Boys locations outside California and includes:

  • Visual Inspection: Hoses, belts, valves, and other car A/C components break down over time. Pep Boys’ technicians will perform a visual inspection of these components to look for wear, leaks, and other damage.
  • Outlet Temperature Analysis: Is your car blowing a lot of hot air? This test will help determine cooling performance and could warn you of decreased performance before the system dies.
  • System Pressure Check: Over time, refrigerant can begin to leak. The resulting low refrigerant levels cause poor A/C performance and low system pressure, which this service tests. It’s important to catch leaks early, as they could lead to more than a hot car ride.


Like Pep Boys, most AAMCO provide a free basic a/c check. They will visually inspect system components for leaks, check temperature readings and compressor operation, and inspect the drive belt for cracks and other damage before making repair recommendations.

The Local Guys

Ask your local auto shop if they offer free A/C performance checks. Little guys like Big Mechanic in Tampa, FL, Dave’s Ultimate Automotive in Austin, TX , and B & N Auto Services in Nashville, TN, offer free A/C checks, plus a host of other free checks that could help you stay ahead of car problems.

Save on Car A/C Repairs with Coupons

Apart from free A/C checks, many national chains offer great coupons and free car repairs on a rolling basis. Depending on the time and place, you could save on everything from A/C repair to new windshield wipers! Check out service coupons from major shops to see what’s offered in your area:

Whether you head to Pep Boys or your local mechanic, have your car A/C problems checked and repaired as soon as you can. The issue could be due to anything from a worn valve to a refrigerant leak or broken belt, all of which could damage more than your A/C if left unrepaired. Even your car’s resale value could take a hit!

Driving without air conditioning at the peak of summer is bad, but not as bad as driving without car insurance. That’s where we come in. While we don’t offer free A/C checks at Direct Auto & Life Insurance, we do offer free car insurance quotes and policy reviews! Call 1-877-GO-DIRECT, Click, or Come in today for a free car insurance quote with a friendly Direct Auto representative!