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Every car deserves its day in the sun! Or does it? With high temps just around the corner, summer is heating up fast. Could this mean car troubles for your sweet ride? To keep you in-the-know, we’ve rounded up some common car issues that may crop up over the summer. Check out these tips on what to expect and how you might be able to avoid these issues altogether!

Weak A/C: Keep Your Cool
In the summer, a fully functioning air conditioner could be the difference between an amazing drive in the country and a miserable, in unison, “Ugh! Are we there yet?!” If you start to notice that your air conditioner is blowing warm air for more than a few minutes after you start the car, there could be a leak in the system. Adding refrigerant could solve the problem in the short-term, but AutoTrader suggests investing in a proper repair if you can find room in your budget.

A lack of cold air could also be an indication of other problems with the A/C, like the fan not working or A/C compressor not working. Watch out: a failing A/C could impact more than your sweat glands. On many cars, the serpentine belt that helps power the A/C also provides power to other parts of the car, like the water pump that helps cool your engine (i.e your engine could overheat!).

Do everyone a favor and make sure that your next ride isn’t a sweaty one. Head to your mechanic or get a service quote from the mobile mechanics at Your Mechanic before a failing A/C system ruins your summer road trip.

Dead Battery: Stay Charged Up
Many drivers know that extreme cold can damage a car’s battery, but few know that extreme heat can do the same. Since heat causes battery fluid to evaporate, your battery life could suffer in the summer. When this happens too quickly or too often, the battery could end up being destroyed and have to be replaced. A few tips on keeping your battery in tip-top shape? Car and Driver recommends you:

  • Have your electrical system checked to make sure it’s charging at the correct rate
  • Don’t let dirt become an energy conductor; keep the top of your battery clean
  • Check your battery often, and add distilled water if necessary to keep it cooling properly

Low Tire Pressure: Check Yo’Self
Your car tires could also be drastically impacted by the weather. Maintaining proper tire pressure is not only important when it comes to gas mileage, but especially so when it comes to safety. Over- or under-inflated tires could reduce your car’s handling capability or generate excess heat and cause a blowout, says AutoTrader.

To better avoid a summertime tire issue, get a tire pressure gauge and check your tires (and spare tire) every few weeks and during long road-trips. Don’t feel like getting a little grimy? Shops like Pep Boys and Discount Tire will check your tire pressure for free!

Lack of Essential Fluids: Stay Hydrated
You do your best to keep your body hydrated during a heat wave, but what about your car? It’s “thirsty” too! The summer heat is no joke when it comes to drying out a car’s essential fluids. Keep a close watch on your brake fluid, transmission fluid, engine oil, power steering fluid, and even washer fluid. Engine coolant, says AutoTrader, is the number one thing motorists should stay on top of in the summer months. If any fluids are running low, have a mechanic check your hoses for leaks or cracks. It could be the difference between being on the road, or stuck on the side of it.

(Did you know? Between service visits, Jiffy Lube customers may receive free top-offs on many vital fluids! Stop by your local Jiffy Lube to learn more.)

Worried about the heat ruining your road trip? Don’t sweat it! With these tips, you and your car will be cruisin’ in comfort. If you do find yourself in a situation where you’re stranded, though, Direct Auto & Life Insurance’s Roadside Assistance plan could be there to help. As a member, you have access to 24-hour emergency towing, essential fluid deliver, and more. Give us a call at 1-877-463-4732 or stop by one of our many locations to see how affordable your roadside assistance plan could be! Plus, when the time comes, using your plan is oh-so easy! See?



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