If you’ve ever wondered, “What does this thingy do in my car” or “Where does that gizmo go in my car?” you’re in luck!  Direct Auto & Life Insurance can help answer your questions in our DIY (Do It Yourself) video series to save you time and money! Our very first episode tackles one of the most important car care maintenance tasks: changing the oil! [Cue daunting sound effects] Ok, that’s getting a little carried away, but seriously it’s not as scary as you think. Why spend between $30 to $70 to get your oil changed when you can do it yourself in these four easy steps!?  WATCH NOW to learn more!

How do I know if I need my oil changed?

Check out our blog called Why Are Oil Changes Important? in the Car Care section on Direct Connect. Our How to Check Your Car’s Oil guide will walk you through the simple steps!

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