You may be calmer behind the wheel and have more miles on your odometer than a first time driver, but could you beat them on a driving test? A whopping 5 out of 10 people fail the DMV‘s written knowledge test the first time they take it, says Driving-Tests.org. Answer these 10 common driving test questions* to find out if you’re on the right track or need to take a U-turn towards driver’s ed.

1. What does a flashing yellow light at an intersection mean?

2. What is the proper hand signal for slowing or stopping

3. At an intersection with a 4-way stop, which driver can go first?

4. When merging onto the highway, you should come to a complete stop until a space opens up for you.

5. When driving through a construction zone, it's a good safety practice to:

6. What should you do if there is an ambulance with flashing lights behind you while driving?

7. Which of the following is one factor that greatly impacts your stopping distance?

8. You should drive on the shoulder to pass a car:

9._______________ show parking spaces for persons with disabilities.

10. It's legal to drive with an expired driver's license.

Brushing up on your safe driving skills and knowledge can help you avoid accidents on the road, but it could also help you qualify for a safe driver discount of up to 10% on car insurance. That’s more money in your pocket, just for staying on top of the rules of the road. Call 1-877-463-4732 or visit www.directgeneral.com to see if you’re eligible for a **safe driver discount today!

Watch this short video to find out on how to drive when an ambulance is near you:

*Please note that these are common questions pulled from a variety of state driving tests and may not necessarily reflect the test questions and answers in your state.

**  Safe driver discounts subject to eligibility may not be available in all states.